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Legal Documents

The CC&Rs act much like the Association's "constitution" and sets forth the basic covenants and restrictions for the community. The By-Laws govern the overall operation of the Association. By-Laws address the composition of the Board, how meetings are called, how voting procedures work, and numerous other corporate procedures. The Rules & Regulations act as a supplement to the covenants contained in the CC&Rs, and address everyday matters, such as parking or the use of our recreational facilities. Each governing document is subject to their own amendatory procedure. Typically, amending the CC&Rs or By-Laws requires some form of an owner vote, whereas the Rules & Regulations are most often amended by the Board without an owner or member vote being necessary or required. However, Association members have the ability to attend board meetings where they can share their opinions and raise any concerns regarding any agenda items the board plans to vote on, including the Rules & Regulations. Our governing documents are superseded in hierarchy by Federal laws, State laws, the Plats, and particularly by the Missouri Uniform Condominium Act.

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